Web Building Tips For Search Engine Optimization

December 16, 2009

Today Seo Tutorials India help you to build your website with some simple tip which help you to come from rush and rank top in google which help you to and google recognize your page that is contextual link and those link which you forget to use when you create your web pages I mean to say most of the web designer link to home with index.html that is totally out of focus thing in seo but point is when google is search and robot crawled your web page code then they found index.html which should be replace with your url that is the main link and google consider it as a different link that’s is why your site page two different url one is simple home page and second one is your index.html which should be home page so try to make a web page which only have the url not index.html so try to do it with all other pages so ever you made a webpage just consider it to take url not file name and all image should have alt tags and page should be as low as it appears in result in load fast because so many web designers made a beautiful pages but their page took too much time to load that the main problem that’s why bounce rate goes up and people got irritate to open it so page should be as much low as good for seo and one more important thing is that page should have easily understandable that mean is if visitor ever come he or she can understand where they want to go it doesn’t look too much bee hive so try to look great navigation and great light colors which can keep our eyes catchy towards the page and make sure don’t mix the text colors and don’t try to hide a content because if you done it and caught by google your will be penalize by google and your web site kick through out from google index and you ever did not get and kind of traffic from google and if you ever penalize by google so I want to suggest that just purchase another domain name because google will not here your appeal to reconsider your site and because google engineers doesn’t have too much time to look at your site they are too busy people so don’t ever try to cheat google because google is much and much more smarter then you. All the best happy seoing…..


Hierarchical Web Site Structure

November 13, 2007

We’ve dealt with small sites, now lets consider larger sites. There are a lot of ecommerce sites about selling hundreds and even thousands of products. Most have a hierarchical navigation system where the home page links to the most important department type pages (listing multiple products) which then link to individual products.

You might have a site with 30 department pages (linked from every page of the site via the menu) each listing ~20 products each, which then links to those 20 individual product pages. With this example we’d have roughly a 600 page website. The above would be a very good structure for that type of site, not an excessive number of links per page and those very important department pages get 600 links each since every page links to them. But how far can this model be stretched, how many pages? It depends on numerous factors including the sites design/look, how many department type pages there are how many products there are. Take a look at The Business Software Bin which sells Amazon business software (it’s an affiliate site). The menu on the left has about 50 links on it. Take a look at a department page like e-Commerce Software or Web Browsers and you can see it lists 10 products and the left menu isn’t longer than the list of products (it looks OK). So for this site 50 department links from every page works. We have sites using the same design with over 70 links on the menu (others have less than 50), beyond that and it doesn’t look so good! Other sites will be limited by their design and so you might not be able to get the number of links on the menu you’d like or you might have a really large site with hundreds of department type pages. In these cases you’ll need to build smaller webs of pages. so lets look at a an enormous site like Amazon. Amazon has millions of products for sale over tens of thousands of what we are calling department pages. There is no way it could have all the department pages on one menu!! What Amazon has done instead is break it’s inventory up into related sections (31 of them currently). Each section is like a site in itself with a link to the main 31 sections. So there’s a Book section, Software section etc… By breaking the site up this way they have been able to keep the basic hierarchical navigation structure for each section where the main page links to the important department pages which in turn link to deep product pages.

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Organize your Website into Sections

November 8, 2007

To decide how to organize directory structure take a look at your sites content, can it be broken down into various sections based on helpful keywords?

If it can you should since the keywords within a directory name (if done correctly) can help a pages SERPs. For example all of the SEO Tutorial pages are within the directory “seo-tutorial”; http://www.rohitseo.wordpress.com. They will all benefit from the keywords tutorial and seo since the major search engines take the domain name, directory and file names into account. If you haven’t already read the section Why Hyphenated Domain Names you might want to take a look now. In summary when naming directories etc… use hyphens (-) not underscores (_) or multiple words together (seotutorial would NOT make a good SEO friendly directory or filename, seo-tutorial is better). So by putting your pages in the right directory you give them a small boost without even trying. File names work the same way, which is why we use descriptive file names where possible like http://www.rohitseo.wordpress.com for this page. So this page will be given a small boost for the following words from the domain, directory and file name (seo tutorial web site optimization). Remember use hyphens (-) as a separator not underscores (_) since the latter is not a word separator to the search engines.

Quick SEO Tip – when deciding on directory names either use single words or multiple words (like the /seo-tutorial/web-site-optimization/ example above) separated by hyphens (-), do not use underscores (_) (i.e. http://www.rohitseo.wordpress.com is good www.rohitseo.wordpress.com/rohit_seotutorialsis bad). See Choosing a Business and Domain Name for further details.

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Web Site Directory Structure

November 7, 2007

You will also find our Domain Name Choice page helpful in understanding how to name your new domains, directories and files especially the Why Hyphenated Domain Names section.

Before we discuss how to link your pages together you need to decide where to physically locate your websites pages. There are many ways to organize a site including putting every file in the root of the domain to breaking up sections of a site into various directories (the latter is usually advisable). There is a common misconception that pages in the root of a domain (www.website.com/web-page.html would be a web page in the root of the domain) will be ranked higher than pages deep within the directory structure http://www.website.com/web/web-page.html will be one level deep). In fact it used to be believed by some if you went too deep with your directory structure (over 4 directories deep – http://www.website.com/web-1/web-2/web-3/web-4/web-page.html) those web pages would not even be spidered at all (not true BTW)! The reason for this misconception is to do with common linking structures, not directory structure. The directory structure tends to mimic the link or navigation structure of the site and if it takes at least 4 links to go from your home page to the deepest pages of your website some might be missed by the search engine spiders. What’s more those deep linked pages will tend to have 1 or a very small number of unimportant links to them and so as links are very important they won’t be seen as important by the search engines. Put another way if you only send one unimportant link to a page on your site why would the search engines believe it’s an important page and rank it highly! So the reality is you can put your pages as deep as you like as long as they are linked correctly (try to go for no more than 2 clicks from the home page, 3 at the very most and if in doubt site map). Regards

Rohit Mehra

Web Site Optimization

November 6, 2007

Search Engine Optimization is broadly broken down into two parts. The first and the area you as a web site owner have most control over is on site optimization which covers everything you can do to a web sites content, domain name choice, directory structure, internal link structure, anchor text of internal links etc… The second part covers links to your website, PageRank (PR) acquisition, anchor text of external links, reciprocal link exchanges etc…

In this section of our SEO Tutorial we’ll broadly introduce on site optimization, how to optimize your web site for better search engine rankings with good Google rankings our primary goal.


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The Right Domain Name helps with Search Engine Rankings

November 5, 2007

There is a direct search engine optimization benefit to using keyword rich hyphenated domain names (and directory/filenames). Google and other search engines using Googles database (AOL, Netscape etc…) will give every page of a site a fair boost for singular and hyphenated words within the domain name, even when the word isn’t used in the code. Yahoo and MSN also give a SERPs boost, but it’s much smaller than seen with Google. For example one of our consultants has a home page with their ISP. The URL is http://homepage.ntlworld.com/ooar123/search-engine-optimization/ This URL parses to “http homepage ntlworld com ooar123 search engine optimization” with the last three being important keywords. The ‘words’ homepage, ntlworld and ooar123 are not keywords important to the content and so they are not used in the content of any of the pages of the site. A search for various combinations does show that even though those words are not used in the content, just being part of the URL (domain name) is enough for Google to find those pages.

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November 3, 2007

Anchor Text Revisited

When a web master links to Seotutorials they will tend to use the following code- <a href=”https://rohitseo.wordpress.com”>SEO Gold</a> (using the business name as anchor text) or <a href=”http://www.seo-gold.com”>seo tutorials</a> (using the URL as anchor text) In both cases the site benefits from the keywords Google can parse from the anchor text. The first example we have SEO tutorials (one important keyword out of two words). In the second example www SEO Gold com (one important keyword out of four words, not as good, but better than nothing). So in both cases we benefit just by choosing the right business and domain name. If we’d of gone with the words combined (https://rohitseo.wordpress.com) version, Google wouldn’t parse out anything helpful, it would see www seogold com which is unhelpful since no one will search for seogold! Webmasters who use the business name might use Seogold as anchor text instead of the preferred SEO Gold as well! The above also holds true for directory and filenames, so when choosing directory and filenames use hyphens like you see for the pages of this site. For example the page you are reading has the URL- https://rohitseo.wordpress.comThis will be parsed to- http www seo gold com tutorial domain name choice html if a webmaster linked to this page using the entire URL! From this we have important keywords “SEO Tutorial Domain Name Choice”. Please note underscores (_) within a filename or directory like domain_name_choice are not treated as word separators like hyphens are in domain-name-choice, so rather than parsing to “domain name choice” Google see one word “domain_name_choice”. Try the search in Google for domain_name_choice to see the problem.

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Branding Revisited

November 2, 2007

If branding is a consideration or you plan to tell people about your site on the phone or in person, hyphenated domains are harder to verbalize. So https://rohitseo.wordpress.com would be www dot seo hyphen gold dot com which isn’t too bad, but imagine a domain with multiple hyphens, doesn’t exactly role off the tongue!! Fortunately there is a solution, register a non-hyphenated version as well and refer to it on company letterheads, traditional advertising media etc… and redirect the non-hyphenated domain to the hyphenated domain via a 301 redirect.

A words of warning regarding multiple domains. A simple 301 redirect will not be treated negative by the search engines, but having two identical sites (called mirror sites) might. If you plan to have two or more sites about the same subject make the content different. Changing the background colour or a few images, does not make a site different, you need unique text. If you can’t create unique sites, don’t make mirror sites, you might get your main business site penalized!! With our site we currently only advertise online so have no need for a second easier to verbalize non-hyphenated domain name, so we haven’t registered alternatives (as it happens https://rohitseo.wordpress.com was already taken anyway). However, we do plan to add an element of branding to this site long term which is why we went with the business/domain name Seotutorials, it’s memorable (so brandable) and has at least one keyword (Search engine optimization). We could have registered a name like “SEO Search Online Company”, but this is completely unbrandable as no one will recall a generic name like that, but would be great in terms of keywords since all four words are used by searches looking for SEO Services. If branding isn’t important (say an affiliate site) a generic keyword rich domain name is advisable. In essence with https://rohitseo.wordpress.com we have created a web site that is both brandable and easier to optimize.

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Why Hyphenated Domain Names?

November 1, 2007

Why https://rohitseo.wordpress.com if (hyphenated) and not https://rohitseo.wordpress.com (non-hyphenated)? The current main search engine doesn’t recognize the individual words from the above non-hyphenated domain names, so they would not help future optimization plans. The hyphenated domain https://rohitseo.wordpress.com is seen by Google as- https://rohitseo.wordpress.com since Google treats . (dots) and – (hyphens) as a space. We say “google can parse those keywords out of the domain name”. Note a domain with a single keyword (i.e http://www.keyword.tld) will have the single keyword recognized since Google sees the two dots (in the example above) as spaces (sees www keyword tld). So when choosing a domain name either go with a single keyword domain or have multiple (or at least one) keyword(s) separated by hyphens.

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Right Domain Name & Right Anchor Text

October 31, 2007

The red text (Search Engine Optimization Services) below is the anchor text of a link to the home page of this site; it’s the copyright link at the base of every page-

<a href=”/”>SEO Tutorails Search Engine Optimization Services </a> These links are under control and so we will have to create the perfect anchor text for every page. However, webmasters linking to your site will tend to do one of two things. The first is they use your business name for the anchor text and the second is the actual URL (for this site http://www.rohitseo.wordpress.com.com) for the anchor text. If you have picked the business name and domain name badly it won’t help your site in the search engines since links to your site will not use the right anchor text.

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