Organize your Website into Sections

To decide how to organize directory structure take a look at your sites content, can it be broken down into various sections based on helpful keywords?

If it can you should since the keywords within a directory name (if done correctly) can help a pages SERPs. For example all of the SEO Tutorial pages are within the directory “seo-tutorial”; They will all benefit from the keywords tutorial and seo since the major search engines take the domain name, directory and file names into account. If you haven’t already read the section Why Hyphenated Domain Names you might want to take a look now. In summary when naming directories etc… use hyphens (-) not underscores (_) or multiple words together (seotutorial would NOT make a good SEO friendly directory or filename, seo-tutorial is better). So by putting your pages in the right directory you give them a small boost without even trying. File names work the same way, which is why we use descriptive file names where possible like for this page. So this page will be given a small boost for the following words from the domain, directory and file name (seo tutorial web site optimization). Remember use hyphens (-) as a separator not underscores (_) since the latter is not a word separator to the search engines.

Quick SEO Tip – when deciding on directory names either use single words or multiple words (like the /seo-tutorial/web-site-optimization/ example above) separated by hyphens (-), do not use underscores (_) (i.e. is good bad). See Choosing a Business and Domain Name for further details.

Rohit Mehra


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