Anchor Text Revisited

When a web master links to Seotutorials they will tend to use the following code- <a href=””>SEO Gold</a> (using the business name as anchor text) or <a href=””>seo tutorials</a> (using the URL as anchor text) In both cases the site benefits from the keywords Google can parse from the anchor text. The first example we have SEO tutorials (one important keyword out of two words). In the second example www SEO Gold com (one important keyword out of four words, not as good, but better than nothing). So in both cases we benefit just by choosing the right business and domain name. If we’d of gone with the words combined ( version, Google wouldn’t parse out anything helpful, it would see www seogold com which is unhelpful since no one will search for seogold! Webmasters who use the business name might use Seogold as anchor text instead of the preferred SEO Gold as well! The above also holds true for directory and filenames, so when choosing directory and filenames use hyphens like you see for the pages of this site. For example the page you are reading has the URL- https://rohitseo.wordpress.comThis will be parsed to- http www seo gold com tutorial domain name choice html if a webmaster linked to this page using the entire URL! From this we have important keywords “SEO Tutorial Domain Name Choice”. Please note underscores (_) within a filename or directory like domain_name_choice are not treated as word separators like hyphens are in domain-name-choice, so rather than parsing to “domain name choice” Google see one word “domain_name_choice”. Try the search in Google for domain_name_choice to see the problem.

keep hardworking 

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Rohit Mehra


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