Branding vs. Search Engine Optimization

Zeus Thrones may sound great for a company selling high quality toilet seats, but it’s not going to help potential online customers find your carefully crafted web site via the major search engines, since unless you have a large advertising budget for branding purposes your potential customers won’t know your business or your web site even exists.

If you have a site about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for example a good business name (for optimization reasons) would be Search Engine Optimization or SEO and the domain name would be search-engine-optimization.tld or seo.tld respectively (tld being com, net, etc…). There are other considerations to take into account when choosing a business and domain name including branding and of course available domain names, so compromises have to be made. For example when we were deciding on a business and domain name for this web site we knew we couldn’t have the ideal domain names (for optimization reasons) because others already owned them. After a little keyword research at Wordtracker and checking various domains we settled on and general site name rohitseo.wordpress Search Engine Optimization Services (or in short rohitseo.wordpress).

If you give your 100% & regular you will get a success very soon best of luck.

Rohit Mehra


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